Image Filler 2000

Stand Alone 2000 Auger Filler

Stand Alone Auger Filler *#1 Best Seller*

Ideal for filling 1 gram to 10 LBS.

The Image 2000 is a free standing auger filler. It operates simply by entering the number of turns that you want the auger or pump to turn and hitting a foot pedal. The auger/pump will then meter out the desired amount of product. The Image 2000 can be upgraded to run automatically by adding a conveyor with indexing cylinders or it can be added to a Form Fill Seal Machine. Multiple augers may be needed to run different fill weights.

Standard Features:
• Stainless Steel Top & Side covers
• Anodized Aluminum Casting
• 6″ Infeed Duct
• Quick Release Clamps
• Stainless Steel Hopper – 2 cubic feet capacity
• Slow Speed Agitation (Keeps product flowing)
• Stainless Steel Contact Parts
• Simple Controls
• Double Mounting Bell
• Stainless Steel Frame
• Column Jack – 8″ Height Adjustment
• Adjustable Pads (Great for uneven floors)