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Press Release – Savvy Manufacturers Use

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Auger Fillers Website Helps Boost Productivity of Manufacturers

Coatesville, PA, (25th August, 2014 – Image Fillers Inc. officially launches its new comprehensive website for manufacturers of powders, creams, granules, liquids, and pastes to transition the product into the packaging with auger fillers. The site redesign debuts new features that permit manufacturers to find the augers they need to boost productivity in their businesses.

The first and biggest change prospects and customers can see with the rollout of the new website is that it is more visually appealing than the old website. The aesthetics of the new site draw visitors in to find the proper auger fillers required for manufacturers to perform their daily duties. provides a more user-friendly environment for visitors to quickly and easily find the products available, including a product highlight on the home page of the site.

For manufacturers that know the exact auger filler they seek, the new site also offers a search feature. Manufacturers can enter their search criteria into the search box and find the auger fillers that meet their needs. A major benefit to manufacturers is that the products are updated in real-time, so visitors are seeing the latest information on existing and new products.

Manufacturers can also boost productivity by checking out the article section of the new site. The articles provide manufacturers with details on how to use the auger fillers to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each machine. The tips, tricks and advice in the articles provide invaluable information to manufacturers that are looking to boost productivity levels and maximize profits.

Image Fillers is not a new venture by any means. The company has almost 20  years of experience in the industry. Image Fillers has taken this experience and feedback from its existing customer base to redesign its old website into a new website that is more functional and offers more benefits to its customers ( It’s the same professional company that stands behind the quality of its auger fillers; the website simply has a new look, feel, and ease of use for its prospects and customers.

About Image Fillers Inc.

Image Fillers Inc. has 18 years of experience in the auger fillers industry. Experience in the industry allows Image Fillers to understand its customers and their business concerns, especially when it comes to minimizing operational downtime. From providing master-engineered new auger fillers to cost-effective supply parts, to refurbishing older equipment and providing warranties, Image Fillers, Inc is focused on providing customers with the highest quality products and service to fulfill their image of how business should be done. For more information, visit