Types of Auger Fillers


Types of Auger Fillers

Many types of auger fillers are available in the market and they can be further configured to cater to specific filling requirements. The type of material to be filled, speed, accuracy and the level of automation planned are some of the factors that define filling requirements. While auger fillers can handle different types of materials, for best results, it is advisable to use a machine that is a good match for your specific requirements. Let’s take a look at some common applications and the right fillers for each requirement.

Short Runs And Small Fills

A compact table top filler is perfect for small filling requirements up to 4 oz. It can be used for manual filling using a foot pedal or can be integrated with a form fill seal machine if you want automatic filling. It can handle both free flowing and non-free flowing materials like powders, creams and lotions. In case you have different fill sizes that you want to process without retooling, you may need multiple augers.

Integration With Packet Machines

If you want to fill various packet sizes simultaneously using conveyors, a multi-head automatic auger filler is the best option. It can be mounted over packet machines. Multi-head fillers come with many augers and can be used to fill packets or sachets using multi-lane conveyors. It is suitable for both free flowing and non-free flowing products.

Bulk And Dribble Applications

Multi-head fillers or servo multi-head fillers are good for bulk and dribble applications. Depending on the equipment, it may be possible to operate the heads individually or together.

Filling Bottles And Containers On A Conveyor

Automatic auger fillers with an output range of 1 gram to 10 pounds are perfect for filling bottles at a rapid pace using a conveyor line. If the filler has multiple heads, you can have multi-lane conveyors or they can be fitted over a multi-lane form fill seal machine. Models with conveyors that use indexing pins are also available.

Filling Unstable Top-heavy Bottles And Containers

An automatic auger filler with intermittent conveyor is ideal for automatic filling of bottles or containers that tend to lose balance due to their shape. The typical fill range is between 1 gram and 5 pounds. An intermittent conveyor essentially stops the belt after each fill, thus minimizing the chances of the bottle or container tipping over. Multiple augers may be needed to handle different fill weights.

Manual Or High-precision Filling

Standalone high precision auger fillers are single head standalone machines, which can be used manually, fitted on to a form fill seal machine or used for automatic filling by adding a conveyor with indexing cylinders.

Precision Filling For Ground Coffee And Similar Products

Multi-head auger fillers are designed for mass filling of products such as ground coffee. They come with over a dozen augers and use servo motors, making them fast, reliable and highly accurate. The stainless steel hoppers are designed to enable smooth product flow to the augers. They are usually fully automated with digital or touchscreen controls.

High-speed Bottle Or Container Filling

The best option for this application is a high-speed continuous motion rotary auger filler. Depending upon the bottle type, these machines can handle over 250 bottles a minute. Different sizes and specifications are available depending upon the application and the bottle size.

Finding the right auger filler to meet your needs can be tough if you don’t have enough information about these machines and the practical experience to make the best choice. It is best to give your requirements to a company specilizing in this field as they have the experts who can recommend the best model and configuration for your particular needs.

This consultation process should ideally start before even the containers or bottles are designed because sometimes making minor changes to the container like the opening size can make a big difference to the filling process.